Specify login script (Deprecated)


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Scripts (Login/Logout) > Specify login script


Specify the name of a login script to execute when users log on. You can specify only one file as the login script.

Before enabling this policy, you should create the login script and copy it to the system volume (sysvol) on the domain controller. By default, the login script is stored in the system volume (SYSVOL) on the domain controller in the directory:


The script path you type in Login script is relative to \\domain\SYSVOL\domain\scripts\. For example, if the domain name is ajax.org and you enter a script name of mlogin.sh, the script that gets executed on the domain controller is:


You can specify additional relative directories in the path, if needed.

Note:   Be certain authenticated users have permission to read this file so the script can run when they log in.

By default, the script runs with the Active Directory user’s permissions. If the script contains commands that require root permission to run, select Run with root user privileges.

Once this group policy is enabled, it takes effect when users log out and log back in.

Note:   The first AD user to log in is taken back to the login screen. Subsequent logins by this user or a different user occur normally and changes generated by the script happen immediately.