Configure mobile account creation (10.8 to 10.11) (deprecated)


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings > Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.11 Settings > Configure mobile account creation


Use this policy to configure mobile account creation.

Check Create mobile account when user logs in to network account to create a mobile account automatically when a user logs in. A local home folder is created for the user at first login.

To prevent creation of a mobile account, enable the policy and deselect this option. A local home folder is not created for a user who is logged in as a network user.

Note:   If you do not enable this policy, and you allow access to the Accounts pane of System Preferences, network users can create their own mobile accounts.

Check the Create mobile account even if user does not have a network home directory option to create mobile accounts automatically for users the next time they log in to the Mac. This applies to all users, including users who do not have a network home directory.

Check Require confirmation before creating mobile account to allow users to decide whether to enable a mobile account at login. Users see a confirmation dialog when logging in and can click one of the following:

  • “Create Now” to create a local home folder and enable the mobile account.
  • “Don't Create” to log in as a network user without enabling the mobile account.
  • “Cancel Login” to return to the login window.

Select Show “Don't ask me again” checkbox to provide a check box that allows users to prevent display of the mobile account creation dialog on that computer in the future. Users who select “Don't ask me again” and click “Don't Create”, are not asked to create a mobile account on that computer (unless they hold down the Option key during login to redisplay the dialog). Select one of the Create home options:

  • Select network home and default sync settings to initially sync local and network homes so that the network home folder replaces the local home folder.

    The default Mac sync settings in the Accounts pane of System Preferences are enabled.

  • Select local home template to create the local home folder without syncing.

    The default Mac sync settings are enabled.

Once enabled, this group policy takes effect when users log out and back in.