Configure mobile account options (10.7) (deprecated)


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings > Mac OS X 10.7 Settings > Configure mobile account options


Use this policy to specify options for mobile accounts, including FileVault settings and home folder location.

Note:   These options only apply to a new user being created at login and do not affect existing mobile users.

Select Encrypt contents with FileVault to encrypt the contents of the home directory.

Select one of the password options:

  • Select Use computer master password if available

    The mobile account uses FileVault regardless of whether a master password has been set. However, if a user forgets their password, an administrator will be unable to unlock the account.

  • Select Require computer master password if a master password has not been set, the user will be unable to create a mobile account.

To prevent the user's local home folder from using more space than is available in the user's network home folder, select Restrict size and enter a fixed size for the home folder.

Select a location for the home folder or allow users to choose, by using the pull-down menu in Home folder location. To choose a location, select one of the following:

  • on startup volume — The local home folder is created in /Users/username on the startup volume.
  • at path specified below — Specify a different volume or folder in the Path field, using the format:

    /Volumes/driveName/Folder — for example:

If you do not specify a volume, the folder is created on the startup volume.

To allow users to choose a location, select one of the following.

  • user chooses any volume | internal volume | external volume— When users with mobile accounts log in and a mobile account is being created, a window appears for choosing the location of the home folder.