Configure mobile account options


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings > macOS 10.12 or above > Configure mobile account options


Specify options for mobile accounts, including FileVault settings and home folder location.

Note:   These options only apply to a new user being created at login and do not affect existing mobile users.

Select Encrypt contents with FileVault to encrypt the contents of the home directory.

Note:   With macOS 10.13 and later Apple no longer supports FileVault settings on just the mobile account home directory. Please use the FileVault 2 settings in Computer Configuration > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Security and Privacy > FileVault 2.

Select one of the password options:

  • Select Use computer master password if available

    The mobile account uses FileVault regardless of whether a master password has been set. However, if a user forgets their password, an administrator will be unable to unlock the account.

  • Select Require computer master password If a master password has not been set, the user will be unable to create a mobile account.

To prevent the user's local home folder from using more space than is available in the user's network home folder, select Restrict size and enter a fixed size for the home folder.

Select a location for the home folder or allow users to choose, by using the pull-down menu in Home folder location. To choose a location, select one of the following:

  • on startup volume — The local home folder is created in /Users/username on the startup volume.
  • at path specified below — Specify a different volume or folder in the Path field, using the format:

    /Volumes/driveName/Folder — for example:

    If you do not specify a volume, the folder is created on the startup volume.

To allow users to choose a location, select one of the following.

  • user chooses any volume | internal volume | external volume— When users with mobile accounts log in and a mobile account is being created, a window appears for choosing the location of the home folder.