Install MobileConfig profiles


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Custom Settings > Install MobileConfig profiles


Enable this group policy to install mobile configuration profiles on managed Mac computers.

Note:   There is a Computer Configuration version of this policy (which installs device profiles) and a User Configuration version (which installs user profiles).

Note:   This group policy only supports macOS 10.15 and lower.

Before enabling this policy, you must create a directory and copy mobile configuration files to SYSVOL on the domain controller. SYSVOL is a well-known shared directory on the domain computer that stores server copies of public files that must be shared throughout the domain.

Specifically, create the following directory on the domain controller: \\domainName\SYSVOL\domainName\mobileconfig

and copy one or more mobile configuration profile files to this directory. See Deploy configuration profiles to multiple computers for details on how to do this.

To specify mobile configuration files to install, enable the policy, then click Add. Enter the name of a mobile configuration file that you placed in SYSVOL on the domain controller. Include the .mobileconfig suffix with the name.

If you specify a file that is not in the SYSVOL mobileconfig directory, the profile will not be installed.

If you add new files to the existing list in the group policy, those profiles will be installed — existing profiles will not be touched. If you remove previously specified files, the profiles defined by these files will be uninstalled.

If you add two or more profile files that have the same payloadIdentifier, only one of them will be installed.

If you change the group policy to “Disabled” or “Not Configured”, all existing profiles that were installed previously by the group policy will now be uninstalled from the managed Mac computers.