Import plist files


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Import Settings > Import plist files


Specify the names of plist files to import from the system volume (SYSVOL) — similar to importing plist files in Mac Workgroup Manager. By default, the system volume folder is at: \\domain\SYSVOL\domain\plist.

Before enabling this policy, you should copy all the plist files to import to the system volume (sysvol) on the domain controller.

To add a file, select Enabled, click Add, then type a filename.

The path you type in plist file is relative to \\domain\SYSVOL\domain\plist. For example, if the domain name is and you enter a plist file named, the file that gets imported is:


You can specify additional relative directories in the path, if needed.

Once this group policy is enabled, it takes effect when users log out and log back in.