Delete symbolic link and restore


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Folder Redirection > Folder Redirect Actions at Login/Logout Time > Delete symbolic link and restore


Deletes a previously defined symbolic link on the local computer and restores the specified directory to the network home directory. Typically, you use this policy with the Rename and create symbolic link policy. For example:

At login (using Rename and create symbolic link) you save ~/Library/Caches in the network home directory to a temporary folder and redirect it to a folder on the local computer, for example /tmp/user/Library/Caches. At logout, you can enable Delete symbolic link and restore to delete the symbolic link and restore the folder on the network home directory, by specifying the following:

  • Path: ~/Library/Caches
  • Link: /tmp/%@/Library/Caches

where: %@ specifies the logged in user’s name on the local computer.

Once this group policy is enabled, it takes effect when users log in (enabled for login time folder) or log out (enabled for logout time folder).