Synchronization Rules (10.8 to 10.11) (deprecated)


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings > Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.11 Settings > Synchronization Rules


Use the group policies in the Synchronization Rules folder to specify rules for synchronizing folders for mobile users, as follows:

  • Specify the folders to synchronize in the background. These group policies are located in the Home Sync folder.
  • Specify the folders to synchronize at login and logout. These group policies are located in the Options folder.
  • Specify whether to synchronize background folders manually, or automatically at a specific interval. These group policies are located in the Preference Sync folder.

You can also use the Skip these items group polices to define criteria for folders that should not be synchronized in the background or when mobile users login and logout.

Understanding synchronization (deprecated)

This section explains some aspects of synchronization to keep in mind when enabling synchronization policies.

Note:   Mobile home directory synchronization is no longer supported since macOS 10.12.

If a file in one home folder has been modified and the same file in another home folder has not, the newer file overwrites the older file. If both files have been modified since the last sync, the user is prompted to choose which file to keep.

Administrators can enable and configure syncing through group policy, and users can configure syncing through Accounts preferences. With group policy, you can sync any folder in a user’s home folder. However, a user who creates a mobile account through the Accounts System Preferences can only sync top-level folders like ~/Desktop or ~/Documents.

It is not recommended to use background syncing with folders containing files accessed by multiple computers because it is easy to inadvertently load older, un-synced files.

Be careful with Login and logout syncing because a user’s login and logout is delayed while files are syncing. Therefore, avoid syncing a lot of files or large files at login and logout. One strategy is to sync smaller files (such as preference files) at login and logout, while syncing larger files (such as movies) in the background. Or, you can further reduce network traffic by choosing not to sync the movies folder at all, requiring users to access the movies folder locally.

Note:   If you want to sync parts of a user’s ~/Library folder, you must use login and logout syncing. Syncing the ~/Library folder retains user’s bookmarks and application preferences.

See your Mac OS X Server documentation for more details about synchronizing mobile accounts.