Mobility Settings

Use the User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings group policies to manage the synchronization rules for mobile Mac OS X users. These settings correspond to the Mobility preferences you can manage using the Workgroup Manager. The group policy categories correspond to panes in the Workgroup Manager. For example:

The user interface for mobility settings differs significantly between different versions of Mac OS X. Therefore, separate mobility settings group policies are provided for each supported operating system. In addition, to support existing installations that configured group policies by using a previous centrifydc_mac_settings template, a set of legacy mobility settings is provided.

The Use version specific settingsgroup policy determines whether to use legacy settings or platform-specific mobility settings. This group policy is enabled by default. If you do not set it to Disabled or Not configured, legacy settings are used.

If you enable this group policy, you can then enable platform-specific mobility settings for each platform in your environment; see the following sections for information on each set of policies: