Setting user-based group policies

Centrify group policies allow administrators to extend the configuration management capabilities of Windows Group Policy Objects to managed Mac computers and to users who log on to Mac computers. This chapter describes the Mac group policies that can be applied to Mac users.

The user-based group policies are defined in the Centrify Mac administrative template (centrify_mac_settings.xml) and accessed from User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings.

Group policies are only applied to users and computers in the GPO’s linked OU and any child OUs. If your users and computers are in different OUs (which is common), Centrify recommends using user Group Policy loopback processing to make sure user policies are applied to everyone who logs on to a Mac. This is a standard Microsoft Group Policy that applies to every user to the computer.

To implement user Group Policy loopback processing mode

  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Group Policy > Configure user Group Policy loopback processing mode.
  2. Enable the policy, set Mode: to Merge, then click OK.

See for more information about loopback processing.

See Understanding group policies for Mac users and computers for general information about how to use group policies to manage Mac settings and for information on how to install the group policy administrative templates.

Note:   For additional information about creating and using group policies and Group Policy Objects, see your Windows or Active Directory documentation. For more information about adding and using other Centrify group policies that are not specific to Mac computers and users, see the Group Policy Guide.