Installing the Centrify Connector

To install the Centrify Connector for a Hyper-scalable PAS instance, refer to the documentation for installing a connector but with the following stipulations:

Note:   Before you install the Centrify Connector, you must first install the TCP Relay node. For information on how to install the TCP Relay node, see Installing Hyper-scalable PAS.

  1. Download the Centrify Connector installer:

    1. Log in to the host computer with an account that has sufficient Centrify Connector permissions to install the connector.
    2. Open the Admin Portal.
    3. In the navigation pane, click Downloads and search for "Centrify Connector" or scroll down to see the connector file.
    4. Next to the Centrify Connector file, click Download to download a zip file.
    5. Extract the zip file and then run the installer program Centrify-Connector-Installer-<version>.exe.

  2. Run the downloaded package, which launches the Connector Configuration Wizard.