Installing and configuring a connector

The connector is a multipurpose service that enables secure communication between your internal network and Privileged Access Service. Multi-factor authentication requires at least one connector to be installed on your network inside of the firewall. The connector provides the link between your internal Active Directory forest and the Privileged Access Service platform.

You can install more than one connector for your organization to support fail-over and load balancing. You might also want to install more than one connector if you are using multiple instances of Privileged Access Service or have access to more than one customer‑specific Identity platform instance URLs. In most cases, you should install at least two connectors in a production environment.

To install a connector on a domain computer

  1. Open a browser and log in to the appropriate customer-specific Identity platform instance using the account information you received in your email notification.
  2. In Admin Portal, Click Settings > Network > Centrify Connectors.
  3. Click Add Centrify Connector.
  4. Under Download, click the 64-bit link to download the connector package.
  5. Open the file you downloaded.

    If the User Account Control warning is displayed, click Yes to continue.

  6. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  7. Select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” option, then click Next.
  8. Select the components to install and verify the location for installation or click Browse to select a different location, then click Next.

    By default, all components are selected. You must install the Centrify connector to prepare for multi-factor authentication. The other components are optional, but might be required if you want to use other features or services.

  9. Click Install.

    If necessary, close any open applications to complete the installation.

  10. Click Finish to open the connector configuration wizard.

By default, the configuration wizard is displayed immediately after the connector is installed.

To configure the connector

  1. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  2. Type the administrative user name and password for your Centrify account, then click Next.
  3. Click Next unless you are using a web proxy server to connect to Centrify Identity platform services.

    If you are using a web proxy service, type the IP address, select the port, and specify the user name and password to use.

  4. The configuration wizard performs several tests to ensure connectivity. If all of the tests are successful, click Next.

    As the final step, the connector registers your customer-specific identifier with Privileged Access Service, then runs in the background as a Windows service. The customer identifier that gets registered also automatically defines the default Identity platform instance URL to use for parent and child zones. If you have access to more than one customer-specific tenant URL, you can change the Privileged Access Service instance to use on a zone-by-zone basis.

  5. Click Finish to complete the configuration and open the connector configuration panel, which displays the status of the connection and your customer-specific identifier.
  6. Click the connector tab to view or change any of the default settings.
  7. Click Close.