Installing and configuring a connector

The connector is a multipurpose service that enables secure communication between your internal network and Privileged Access Service. Multi-factor authentication requires at least one connector to be installed on your network inside of the firewall. The connector provides the link between your internal Active Directory forest and the Privileged Access Service platform.

You can install more than one connector for your organization to support fail-over and load balancing. You might also want to install more than one connector if you are using multiple instances of Privileged Access Service or have access to more than one customer‑specific Identity platform instance URLs. In most cases, you should install at least two connectors in a production environment.

Note:   Make sure that the account you're logged into on the computer has the appropriate permissions to install the Centrify Connector.

For details about installing and configuring the connector, please see the following topics in the Privileged Access Service help: