Logging on and verifying connector settings

After you have installed and configured at least one connector, you can use either the Admin Portal or your default browser to log in to the Centrify Platform.

To log in and verify settings

  1. Open a browser and log in to your customer-specific identity platform instance URL.
  2. Type the user name from your account details and the password you set when you activated the service.

    If you see the Welcome message, select the “Don’t show this to me again” option, then click Close.

    By default, the Getting Started dashboard is displayed in the Admin Portal. The Getting Started dashboard has links to topics that explain important tasks—such as creating roles and adding users—for the Centrify Platform. You will perform similar steps to prepare for multi‑factor authentication. However, you can skip those steps for now. For multi-factor authentication, you should first verify some settings on your connector and, if necessary, prepare a new Active Directory group for the computers where you plan to use multi-factor authentication.

  3. Click Settings > Network > Centrify Connectors.
  4. Select the connector and then select Modify from the Actions menu to display the connector Configuration.
  5. Verify the following options are selected under IWA Service:

    • Enable Web Server

      This option is required to enable integrated Windows authentication for Centrify Agents and multi-factor authentication.

  6. Click Save.