Configure the Agent to Use a Custom HTTP Server

To configure the Agent to use a custom HTTP server, use the following command syntax to set the custom HTTP proxy server:

adwebproxyconf --set,-S [--username,-u <username>] 
[--password, -p <password>]  [--machine,-m] 
[--server,-s <servername:port|"">] 
[--authreq,-r <true|false|"">] [--authtype, -t <type>], 
'--version,-v','--help,-h' and '--verbose,-V'

For example, enter the following command (replacing the angle brackets and placeholders with actual values):

adwebproxyconf --set --username <username> 
--password <password> --server <servername:port> 
–-authreq <true> --authtype <type>

Change the value of to false.

Verify that the new configuration works. Enter:

adwebproxyconf --test --cip <cip url> 
--server <servername:port> 

For more information, see Command Reference.