Start or skip the wizard

After you log in successfully, you will see a Welcome to Privileged Access Service message with the option to start or skip the quick start wizard.

If you click Start the Wizard, you are prompted to manage mobile devices, add web applications, add mobile applications, add users, and invite users. You can click Next to skip any or all steps. None of the steps in the wizard are required to set up multi-factor authentication.

If you are only interested in preparing for multi-factor authentication, you can select the Don’t show this to me again option, then click Skip. If you click Skip now, you can run the wizard at any time after configuring multi-factor authentication by clicking Start Wizard on the Getting Started dashboard.

If you have not completed these preliminary steps, stop here and verify that you have received the “Your Centrify Account Is Ready - Next Steps” email and that you can log in to the Privileged Access Service platform with the account information in the email.