Using a URL to Export Report Data to CSV


The underlying queries in some reports take a long time to execute and you may get the following errors when opening reports:

The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.


Besides using the report filters to make the report take less time to execute as described in earlier section, you can export the report to CSV by using a URL. In addition, you can skip exporting the chart data for the following reports:

  • PCI – Login Summary Report
  • PCI – Right Summary Report
  • SOX – Login Summary Report
  • SOX – Right Summary Report

To configure the report URL to export to CSV and skip the chart data in the exported file:

  1. Compose the URL in the following format:

    http://<hostname>:<port>/ReportServer_<instancename>?<report path>&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=CSV&pZoneDomainId=-1&SkipChartData=True

    For example:

    This is a URL to export the PCI – Login Summary report:


    This is a URL to export the PCI – Right Summary report:

  2. Access the URL in Internet Explorer.
  3. Save the exported CSV file.