Configuring the report data source for subscriptions

To configure a report subscription in SSRS for CSV export and skip the chart data in the export:

  1. Open Centrify Report Services.
  2. Click ReportDataSource to open the report data source properties page.
  3. Configure the report data source to store connection credentials in the report server:

    1. For the connection method, select Credentials stored securely in the report server.
    2. Enter the login user name and password.
    3. Select Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source.
    4. The following screenshot is an example of the connection settings configuration:

  4. Secure access to the reports and the report data by adding or editing role assignments for the report folder.

    1. Open the Security page for the report folder ‘Access Manager Reports’ and ‘Attestation Reports’.

      • Here you can view, add, edit, or delete role assignments for the report folder.
      • The data source uses stored credentials, which means that users who are able to view the reports would be able to read the report data. To avoid this potential risk, you can define role-based security for reports in the Security page, as shown below.

    2. Delete the default role assignment that assigns the Browser role to NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users to remove report read access to all authenticated users.
    3. In the report folder’s Security page, click New Role Assignment.
    4. Enter the users or groups who can access the reports.
    5. Select one or more roles to assign to the specified user(s).

      For example, if you want the specified users to only view the report, select the Browser role.

    6. Click OK to save the changes.