Migrating custom reports from SQL Server Express

If you create custom reports using the included version of SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition, you can migrate those custom reports over to a production SQL Server. You’ll need to download each custom report and then re-upload them into the production system.

To download your custom reports from SQL Server Express:

  1. Create a temporary folder on your local computer.

    You’ll use this folder to store your downloaded custom reports temporarily.

  2. Open Centrify Report Services in Internet Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the Custom Reports folder.
  4. Select a report and select Download from the report’s action menu.
  5. Save the downloaded report in the temporary folder that you already created.

    Repeat this process for each report.

  6. Close Internet Explorer.

To upload your custom reports to your production instance of SQL Server:

  1. Run the Centrify Report Services Configuration wizard.
  2. In the configuration wizard, choose the production SQL Server instance where you want to deploy the reports, then close the wizard.
  3. Open Centrify Report Services in Internet Explorer.
  4. Navigate to the Custom Reports folder.
  5. For each report:

    1. Click Upload File and select the custom report that you downloaded from your other instance.
    2. After the report is uploaded, select the report and click Manage.
    3. Click the Data Sources tab.
    4. Select A shared data source and click Browse.
    5. In the folder listing, expand the Centrify Report Services folder.
    6. Select ReportDataSource and click OK.
    7. In the Data Sources page, click Apply.

You can now open the custom report successfully using data in your production SQL Server instance.