An overview of report building tasks

Microsoft documentation contains specific instructions for how to create custom reports using SSRS Report Builder. Included here is the overall process; please consult Microsoft SSRS Report Builder documentation for details.

For example, here’s a link to Microsoft information on using SQL Server Reporting Services 2012:

An overview of how to build custom reports using SSRS and Centrify report services data:

  1. Open Internet Explorer to the deployed reports URL.

    • Make sure that you have the correct access permissions in SSRS for building reports. For details, see Granting access in SSRS to reports.
    • It’s recommended that you log in to the deployed reports URL as a user with Report Building permissions, but not database administrator permissions. If you log in as a user with access to all tables in the reporting database, you may see tables that you cannot use in custom reports. Centrify exposes the views for you to use in your custom reports.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder, and create the dataset that connects you to the reporting data source.

    (The dataset is the set of data retrieved from the database, and the data source is the connection information for the database.)

  3. Create a new report that’s based on the data set that you just created.
  4. Design a query using the provided views.
  5. Run the report to make sure that you get data in the report.
  6. Edit the report as desired.
  7. Save the report.

    Microsoft SSRS saves the report as a .RDL file.

  8. Publish the report by publishing the RDL file.