EffectiveZoneLocalWinUsers View

This view lists the effective local Windows user profiles for each computer and zone.

Column Name


Refers to

ZoneLocalUser_Id The auto-generated ID of the local windows user profile ZoneLocalUsers.ZoneLocalGroup_Id
ZoneLocalUser_ZoneId The ID of the zone that contains the local Windows user profile Zones.Zone_Id
ZoneLocalUser_ComputerProfileId The ID of the computer profile where the local Windows user profile is effective ZoneComputers.ZoneComputer_Id
ZoneLocalUser_Name The name of the local Windows user  
ZoneLocalUser_FullName The full name of the local Windows user  
ZoneLocalUser_PasswordOption The password option of the local Windows user  
ZoneLocalUser_Description The description of the local Windows user  

The profile state of the local Windows user profile

1 = Enabled, 2 = Disabled, 3 = Removed

ZoneLocalUser_ProfileState_Desc The display value for ZoneLocalUser_ProfileState (Enabled/Disabled/Removed)  

The type code of the assignment location type

1 – Zone, 2 – Computer


The display value for ZoneLocalUser_AssignmentLocation_Type


ZoneLocalUser_AssignmentLocation_GUID The object GUID of the assignment location  
ZoneLocalUser_AssignmentLocation_Name The name of the assignment location