Memory requirements

Be sure that your computers running the following components meet or exceed the RAM requirements listed below.

Domain controller memory requirements

The minimum amount of RAM that you should have available for your domain controller is the sum of the following:

  • Active Directory database size (for example, C:\Windows\NTDS\)
  • Total SYSVOL size (for example, C:\Windows\SYSVOL)
  • Recommended amount of RAM for your operating system
  • Vendor recommended amount of RAM for your various background software agents, such as anti-virus, monitoring, backup, and so forth.
  • Additional RAM to accommodate growth over the lifetime of the server.

For more information, see Microsoft recommendations here:

Windows memory requirements

Here are the minimum and recommended memory requirements for report services and the report database:

  • Centrify report services: minimum 2 GB RAM, recommended 4 GB or above
  • SQL Server report database: minimum 4 GB RAM, recommended 32 GB or above
  • PostgreSQL report database: minimum 4 GB RAM, recommended 32 GB or above