ADEdit command reference

This chapter describes each ADEdit command in alphabetical order. Each command description includes details about the options and arguments you can specify and the values returned, if applicable.

Inn, addition, some ADEdit commands can only be used when you are working with hierarchical zones. Other commands can be used in classic or hierarchical zones, but require you to specify the zone type. For each command, the Zone type section indicates whether there are any zone‑related constraints as follows:

  • Hierarchical only: You must have a hierarchical zone selected for the command to work.
  • Classic and hierarchical: You can use the command in both classic zones and hierarchical zones. Options in the command let you specify whether you are working with a classic or hierarchical zone. In most cases, commands that work in both classic and hierarchical zones, require the classic zone to be a classic4 zone. The classic3 zone type is intended for backward compatibility with older agents and only commands where the zone type is not applicable are supported.
  • Classic only: You must have a classic4 zone selected for the command to work.
  • Not applicable: You can use the command because the zone type does not matter.

In addition to the zone type, syntax, and return values, each command description includes at least one usage example and a summary of related commands, if appropriate.