Using ADEdit with classic zones

Centrify supports both classic and hierarchical zones. If you have upgraded agents to a version of Centrify software that supports hierarchical zones (version 5.x or later), you can choose to either migrate your classic zones into a hierarchical zone structure or maintain them as classic zones.

If you choose to maintain any zones as classic zones, however, you should be aware that the authorization model in classic zones differs from the authorization model used in hierarchical zones. For example, in classic zones, authorization is an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled. If authorization is not enabled in a classic zone, any user with a valid profile in a zone is automatically granted login access to all computers joined to that zone.

Because authorization is handled differently in classic zones, there are specialized ADEdit commands and command options for creating and managing rights and roles in classic zones. The commands in this appendix are only applicable when you are working with classic zones.