What ADEdit provides

The purpose of ADEdit is to let an administrator with the proper Active Directory permissions fully manage Centrify objects from a UNIX console. By using ADEdit, for example, an administrator working on a Linux computer can perform common administrative tasks such as create a new user account, add a user to a new group, or assign a user to a new role. That same administrator might also query Active Directory for information about zones, groups, roles, or any other Centrify objects.

Because ADEdit is a more powerful and flexible tool, it is intended to replace some of Centrify’s previous-generation UNIX command line programs such as adupdate and adquery. Those previous-generation tools limited the operations administrators could perform to a computer’s currently joined zone and domain. With ADEdit, administrators can manage objects in any zone or domain and perform operations on many more features than were possible using its predecessors.

To give administrators additional flexibility for performing administrative tasks, ADEdit also allows for multiple modes of execution and provides its own accompanying library of predefined scripts for common tasks.