Use this command to list managed computers in the zone. The command line arguments are as follows:

Label Required/Optional Description



Domain name.



Bind using the ADEdit host computer’s credentials (see bind).

You can use either the computer credentials (-m) or the user account credentials (-u).



Administrator’s account name.



Administrator’s account password.

Note: If you do not enter the password in the command line you will be prompted to enter it.



Separator used between data. The default is separator is the pipe (|) character.

#!/bin/env adedit
# This script lists the managed computers on the zone.
# Command line input is the domain, the 
# administrator account name and 
# the separator to use between computer's field 
# values in the output
package require ade_lib
# Lists all of the managed computers and the zone
proc usage {msg} {
      puts {usage: -domain <domain> [-m] [-u <user>] 
        [-p <password>] [-sep csv | tab | <char>]}
      puts $msg
      exit 1
if {[getopt argv -domain domain] == 0} {
    usage "Missing domain"
set verbose 0
if {[getopt argv -v]} {
    set verbose 1
set sep "|"
getopt argv -sep sep
if {$sep == "csv"} {set sep ","}
if {$sep == "tab"} {set sep "\t"}
if {[getopt argv -m]} {
     bind -gc -machine $domain 
} else { 
   if {[getopt argv -u user]} {
      if {[getopt argv -p password]} {
          bind -gc $domain $user $password
       } else {
        bind -gc $domain $user} 
     } else {
    bind -gc $domain
# this code runs entirely off the GC
cache on
set scps [get_objects -gc -depth sub [dn_from_domain $domain] {(&amp;(displayName=$CimsComputerVersion*)(objectClass=serviceConnectionPoint))}]
foreach scp $scps {
    select_object -gc $scp
    set name [get_object_field name]
    set parent ""
    # first look for parentLink
    foreach k [get_object_field keywords] {
       set bits [split $k ':']
       if {[lindex $bits 0] == "parentLink"} {
          set sid [lindex $bits 1]
          #ok we got it
          # make sure it exists
       catch {set parent [principal_from_sid $sid]}
     # if we didn't then try by managed By (DC3)
     if {$parent == ""} {
        set mb [get_object_field managedBy]
        if {$mb != ""} {
           set parent $mb
         set orphan 0
         if {$parent == ""} {set orphan 1}
           set path [get_parent_dn [get_parent_dn 
               [get_object_field dn]]]
           set zone [string range [get_rdn $path] 3 end]
           puts $name$sep$zone$sep$orphan