Getting current context information

You can examine ADEdit’s current context at any time using two different commands: the show command and the get_bind_info command.

The show command returns all bindings and selected objects in the current context. For example:

Current zone:
        CN=global,CN=Zones,CN=ACME,CN=Program Data,DC=acme,DC=com
Current nss user:{u:samaccountname}:%{home}/%{user}:%{shell}:

You can use optional arguments to limit the information the show command returns.

The get_bind_info command returns information about a bound domain. When you use this command, you specify the information you want to retrieve, such as the domain’s forest, the name of the current domain controller, the domain’s security identifier (SID), the functional level of the domain, or the functional level of the domain’s forest. For example:

>get_bind_info server

In this case, ADEdit returns the name of the bound server for the domain