Use the create_adgroup command to create a new Active Directory group account with a specified distinguished name (DN), sAMAccountName, and group scope.


create_adgroup dn sam gscope


This command takes no options.


This command takes the following arguments:

Argument Type Description



Required. Specifies the distinguished name of the new group.



Required. Specifies the sAMAccountName of the new group.



Required. Specifies the scope for the new group. The possible values are:

  • global
  • universal
  • local (for Domain local)

Return value

This command returns nothing if it runs successfully.


create_adgroup {CN=pubs,CN=Users,DC=acme,DC=com} pubs global

This example creates the group pubs with a global scope in the Active Directory Users container.

create_adgroup {CN=ApacheAdmins,OU=Unix Groups,OU=ACME,DC=acme,DC=com} pubs global

This example creates the group ApacheAdmins in the organizational unit Unix Groups, which is in the organizational unit ACME.

Related Tcl library commands

The following commands perform actions related to this command:

  • create_aduser creates a new Active Directory user account and sets its password.
  • create_user creates a new zone user based on an existing Active Directory user, assigns field values to the new user, and saves the new user to Active Directory.
  • create_group creates a new zone group based on an existing Active Directory group, assigns it a UNIX name and group ID, and saves the new group to Active Directory.
  • add_user_to_group adds an Active Directory user to an Active Directory group.
  • remove_user_from_group removes an Active Directory user from an Active Directory group.