Administration across domains and forests

ADEdit offers complete control of Centrify objects and properties from a Linux or UNIX console. Administrators with the proper permissions on the Active Directory domain controller can modify every aspect of operation that the Access Manager offers. For example, administrators can use ADEdit to create zones, add groups, delegate permissions, define roles, and modify user properties, group membership and role assignments.

ADEdit can operate on any domain in any forest. Its host computer does not need to be joined to a domain to work with that domain. As long as the administrator has the necessary authentication and rights to work on a domain, ADEdit can bind to the domain and work on it. ADEdit can also work simultaneously on multiple domains in multiple forests.

ADEdit enables you to manage all aspects of the access control and privilege management features of multiple Centrify software from a single CLI tool. For example, it can replace adupdate and adquery and offers the features of LDAP clients such as ldapsearch, without the limitations of those command line programs.