Use the get_bind_info command to return information about one of ADEdit’s currently bound domains. The command can return the name of the domain’s forest, the name of the server bound within the domain, the security identifier (SID) of the domain, and the functional level of the domain or the domain’s forest.

Zone type

Not applicable


get_bind_info domain forest|server|sid|domain_level|forest_level




This command takes no options.


This command takes the following arguments:

Argument Type Description



Required. Specifies the name of the domain for which to get information.

forest | server | sid | domain_level | forest_level


Required. The possible values are:

  • forest returns the name of the forest that contains the bound domain.
  • server returns the name of the domain server to which ADEdit is bound in the domain.
  • sid returns the SID (security identifier) of the bound domain.
  • domain_level returns the functional level of the bound domain, represented by an integer value:

    -1: unknown functional level

    0: Windows 2000 Server

    1: Windows Server 2003, interim level

    2: Windows Server 2003

    3: Windows Server 2008

    4: Windows Server 2008 R2

    5: Windows Server 2012

    6: Windows Server 2012 R2

    7: Windows Server 2016, preview

  • forest_level returns the functional level of the forest that contains the bound domain.

Return value

This command returns a forest name, server name, security identifier, or functional level depending on the provided argument.


get_bind_info server

This example returns the name of the domain controller:

Related commands

The following commands perform actions related to this command:

  • bind binds ADEdit to a domain for subsequent ADEdit commands.
  • pop restores the context from the top of ADEdit’s context stack to ADEdit.
  • push saves ADEdit’s current context to ADEdit’s context stack.
  • show returns the current context of ADEdit, including its bound domains and its currently selected objects.