Use this command to list all the Centrify-managed computers in the specified domain. Enter the domain name in the command line.

#!/bin/env adedit
# GetComputers
# Purpose: Retrieves a listing of all UNIX computers in all Centrify Zones.
package require ade_lib 
puts "
This script retrieves a listing of all UNIX computers in the specified domain"
puts "and shows the zone to which it is joined"
if { $argc == 0 } {
              puts "
              Command format: $argv0 domain name"
              exit 1
set domain [lindex $argv 0]
# Use lindex command because argv is a list and bind requires a string
puts "
Enter administrator name for bind command"
gets stdin admin
bind $domain $admin
foreach ZONE [get_zones $domain] {
              select_zone $ZONE
              foreach COMPUTER [get_zone_computers] {
                             puts -nonewline $COMPUTER:; puts $ZONE;