Use the get_effective_users command to return the list of effective users from current zone up the zone hierarchy. Only users who have a complete profile—whether defined in the current zone or inherited from a parent zone—are included. Similarly, only users who have a role assignment in the current zone or inherited from a parent zone are included.

The command supports hierarchical zone and classic zones. For classic zones, the command starts from current zone. For hierarchical zones, you can start the search for effective users at the computer level by specifying the -hostname option.


get_effective_users [-hostname computer_name]


This command takes the following option:

Option Type Description



Specifies the name of the computer to start the search at the computer or computer role level if you run the command in a hierarchical zone with computer-level overrides or computer roles.

If you don’t specify this option, the search starts in the current zone and computer roles are ignored.

Return value

This command returns a Tcl list of users with complete profiles and at least one role assignment in the currently selected zone and all of its parent zones.


get_effective_users -hostname

The example returns the list of effective users starting at the computer level for the computer named