Use this script to get a list of all users in a zone.

#!/bin/env adedit
# GetUsers
# Purpose: Operates on a recursive listing of all UNIX users in all 
# Centrify Zones, and retrieves the administered UNIX attribute values 
# for each user object in each zone.
package require ade_lib
puts "
This script retrieves the UNIX attributes for each user in each zone in the specified domain"
source setenv
foreach ZONE [get_zones $domain] {
     select_zone $ZONE
     foreach USER [get_zone_users] {
           save_zone_user $USER
           puts  -nonewline "[get_zone_user_field uname]:[gzuf uid]:[gzuf gid]:[gzuf gecos]:[gzuf home]:[gzuf shell]"; puts :$USER:$ZONE