Use the list_zone_groups command to check Active Directory and return a list of zone groups defined in the currently selected zone. If executed in a script, this command outputs its list to stdout so that the output appears in the shell where the script is executed. The command does not return a Tcl list back to the executing script. Use get_zone_groups to return a Tcl list.

Zone type

Classic and hierarchical






This command takes no options.


This command takes no arguments.

Return value

This command returns a list to stdout of zone groups defined in the currently selected zone. Each entry in the list contains the following fields, separated by colons (:):

  • User principal name of the zone group as it is stored in Active Directory.
  • UNIX group name.
  • Numeric group identifier (GID).
  • The string “Required” if the “Users are required to be members of this group” option is set for the group.



This example returns the list of groups similar to this:


Related commands

Before you use this command, you must have a currently selected zone stored in memory. The following commands enable you to view and select zone groups:

  • get_zone_groups returns a Tcl list of the Active Directory names of the zone groups in the current zone.
  • new_zone_group creates a new zone group and stores it in memory.
  • select_zone_group retrieves a zone group from Active Directory and stores it in memory.

After you have a zone group stored in memory, you can use the following commands to work with that zone group: