Use the list_zones command to list the zones within a specified domain along with information about each zone. If executed in a script, this command outputs its list to stdout so that the output appears in the shell where the script is executed. The command does not return a Tcl list back to the executing script. Use the ADEdit command get_zones to return a Tcl list.


list_zones domain


This command takes no options.


This command takes the following argument:

Argument Type Description



Required. The name of the domain in which to list zones.

Return value

This command returns a list to stdout of the zones within the specified domain. Each entry in the list contains:

  • The zone’s distinguished name (DN)
  • The zone type: tree (supported in Server Suite 2012 or later), classic3 or classic4
  • The schema used in the zone

Each entry component is separated from the next by a colon (:).



This example returns a list of zones similar to this:

{CN=default,CN=Zones,CN=Acme,DC=acme,DC=com} : classic4 : std
{CN=cz1,CN=Zones,CN=Acme,DC=acme,DC=com} : tree : std
{CN=cz2,CN=Zones,CN=Acme,DC=acme,DC=com} : tree : std
{CN=global,CN=Zones,CN=Acme,DC=acme,DC=com} : tree : rfc

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The following commands perform actions related to this command:

  • create_assignment creates a new role assignment and saves it to Active Directory.
  • precreate_computer creates a zone profile and, if necessary, a new Active Directory computer account.