Managed computers and ADEdit

For computers to be managed by Centrify, they must have the Centrify Agent installed and must be joined to an Active-Directory domain. The Centrify Agent includes the following components that work directly with ADEdit:

  • adclient is a Centrify process running on a managed computer. The adclient process communicates with Active Directory to make its host computer part of the Active Directory domain. Applications that require authentication and authorization or other services then use adclient to query Active Directory for that information.

    In most cases, ADEdit connects directly to Active Directory without using adclient. However, there are some commands that use adclient to get information more efficiently than from Active Directory directly.

  • Centrify command line programs are commands administrators can run on managed computers to control adclient operations and work with the Centrify data stored in Active Directory. ADEdit replaces some of these commands, but occasionally works in conjunction with other commands such as adflush, especially when executing ADEdit commands that work through adclient. For more information about using command line programs, see the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.