Creating a new object

You can use ADEdit new_xxx commands, where xxx is the object type, to create new objects to work on instead of selecting existing objects. When you use new_xxx commands, commands, ADEdit creates an object of the specified type and stores the object as the currently selected object of that type in ADEdit’s current context.

In most cases, ADEdit does not provide default values for a new object’s fields. If you create a new object, its fields are empty. You can use the ADEdit set_xxx commands to set values for the fields that are specific to each object type.

Here are some notes about creating objects in ADEdit:

  • Creating a new zone works differently than all other object types: ADEdit does not create a new zone in memory. ADEdit creates new zones directly in Active Directory and fills in zone fields with default values. After you create a zone, you must then select it to examine and modify it.
  • ADEdit cannot create AIX extended attributes in a Microsoft Services for UNIX (SFU) zone (Ref: CS-25392c).
  • Some non-alphanumeric characters are valid for Windows user or group names and are converted to underscore ("_") when changed to be UNIX names in the Access Manager, but cannot be used in adedit. (Ref: IN-90001) The following characters cannot be used in adedit: \ ( ) + ; " , < > =