Selection as part of context

Once an object is selected, it resides in memory (context) with all attendant field values. Further ADEdit commands can examine and modify the object in context.

ADEdit keeps only one selected object of each type in context at a time. If you select or create another object of the same type, the new object replaces the old object in memory without saving the old object to Active Directory. ADEdit can and does keep multiple objects in context, but each object must be a different type.

Note:   A currently selected object often affects work on other objects types, especially the currently selected zone. For example, if you select a zone user, you must first select a zone so that ADEdit knows in which zone to look for the zone user. If you don’t first select a zone, you can’t select and work on various zone objects such as zone users, zone computers, and zone groups. Knowing your context as you work on objects is important.