Use the save_local_group_profile command to save the currently selected local UNIX or Linux group object after you create the group object or edit profile field values in the group object.

Whenever you execute the new_local_group_profile or select_local_group_profile command, the group continues to be selected until you execute the save_local_group_profile command.

You can save a group object before the group profile is complete. However, the group profile is not added to /etc/group on each UNIX and Linux computer in the zone until the group profile is complete and the profileflag field is set to 1 (enabled). See new_local_group_profile for details about which attributes a group profile must have to be considered complete.

Zone type

Hierarchical only.






This command takes no options.


This command takes no arguments.

Return value

This command returns nothing if it runs successfully.


The following example saves the currently selected object for the local UNIX or Linux group in the currently selected zone.


For example, earlier you might have executed the following command to select the marketing group object so that you could edit its profile fields:

select_local_group_profile marketing

Executing the following command would save any changes you had made to the marketing group object:


Related commands

The following related ADEdit commands let you view and administer local UNIX and Linux users and groups that have profiles defined in the current zone: