Use this command to lists the users in the specified zone. The command line arguments are as follows:

Label Required/Optional Description



The distinguished name of the zone



Bind using the ADEdit host machine’s credentials (see bind)

Note: If you use -m you do not need to enter -u



Administrator’s account name.



Administrator’s account password.

Note: If you do not enter the password in the command line you will be prompted to enter it.

#!/bin/env adedit
# This script lists the users in the zone you specify in the command line. 
# On the command line use either -m or -u 
package require ade_lib
proc usage {msg} {
              puts {usage: -z <zoneDN> [-m] [-u <user>] [-p <password>]}
              puts $msg
              exit 1
if {[getopt argv -z zoneDN] == 0} {
              usage "Missing input zone. Enter full distinguished name"
if {[catch {domain_from_dn $zoneDN} domain]} {
              usage "Invalid input zone name. Enter full distinguished name"
set verbose 0
if {[getopt argv -v]} {
              set verbose 1
if {[getopt argv -m]} {
              bind -machine $domain 
} else { 
   if {[getopt argv -u user]} {
      if {[getopt argv -p password]} {
              bind $domain $user $password
       } else {
        bind $domain $user} 
              } else {
    bind $domain
select_zone $zoneDN