Create a parent zone

This sample script illustrates how you can create a parent zone. This script uses the puts command to display information and to prompt the user to specify variables that will be used to create the parent zone object. The command line syntax is as follows:

>./CreateParentZone - z parentZone -u adminName [-p password]


  • parentZone is the name of the parent zone you want to create.
  • adminName is the name of an Active Directory user with administrator privileges on the domain controller.
  • password is the administrator’s password. If you do not enter the password in the command line, you are prompted to enter it.

Note that this sample script assumes you are using the default deployment structure with the top-level organizational unit. If you are not using the default deployment structure, you should modify the sample script to reflect the structure you are using before testing its operation.


#!/bin/env adedit
# This script creates a tree zone. Use this, for example, to create the
# parent zone for child zones created in other scripts.
package require ade_lib
proc usage {msg} {
	puts {usage: -z >parentZone> -u >user>}
	puts $msg
	exit 1
if {[getopt argv -z parentZone] == 0} {
	usage "Missing the name for the new zone"
puts "
Enter the domain name for the bind command"
gets stdin domain
if {[getopt argv -u user] != 0} {
	if {[getopt argv -p password]} {
		bind $domain $user $password
		} else {
		bind $domain $user} 
	} else {
	puts "Enter administrator name"
	gets stdin user
	bind $domain $user
set domaindn [dn_from_domain $domain]
puts "
Enter the name of the Active Directory container that holds the Centrify zone data"
gets stdin zonesNode
puts "
Enter the organizational unit with the Centrify zone data container"
gets stdin baseOU
puts "Summary:"
puts 	"Domain is $domain. DN for the domain is $domaindn"
puts 	"The base OU is $baseOU."
puts 	"The container for the zone information is $zonesNode"
puts 	"The new zone is named $parentZone"
#create the parent zone in Active Directory
puts "
Creating Centrify zone $parentZone"
create_zone tree "cn=$parentZone,cn=$zonesNode,ou=$baseOU,$domaindn" std
puts "Created new zone: cn=$parentZone,cn=$zonesNode,ou=$baseOU,$domaindn"