Use the write_role_assignment command to write the selected role assignment with its current settings to a file in JSON format. You can use this command to save the currently selected role assignment that is stored in memory to a file with the permissions of 0600. If the file already exists, the command truncates the file. If the command cannot open or write to the specified file, the command fails with an error message.

Zone type

Hierarchical only


write_role_assignment file




This command takes no options.


This command takes the following argument:

Argument Type Description



Required. Specifies the file to which the command writes the role assignment.

Return value

This command returns nothing.


write_role_assignment roleassignment.txt

Related commands

Before you use this command, you must have a currently selected zone stored in memory. The following commands enable you to view and select role assignment to work with:

After you have a role assignment stored in memory, you can use the following commands to work with that role assignment’s attributes, delete the role assignment, or save information for the role assignment: