Running the setup program

After you have downloaded the compressed file to your computer, you can extract the files and run the setup program to install the Access Module for PowerShell files.

If you want to use the authentication and privilege elevation module for Windows PowerShell on a Server Core computer, however, you must have Windows PowerShell, version 2.0 or later, installed before attempting to install the module. Also, you need to install the the authentication and privilege elevation module for Windows PowerShell on a Windows Server Core environment in silent mode, due to a user interface limitation. Please check the process exit code to see whether the installation succeeded or failed. (Ref: CS-33696a)

To run the standalone setup program:

  1. Select the downloaded file, right-click, then select Extract All to extract the compressed files to a folder.
  2. Double-click the standalone executable to start the setup program interactively.

    For example, for the 64-bit version of the file, double click the CentrifyDC_PowerShell‑5.2.0-win64.exe file.

    Alternatively, you can install from the Microsoft Installer (.msi) file. For example, you might run the following command:

    msiexec.exe /i "CentrifyDC_PowerShell-5.2.0-win64.msi" /norestart
  3. At the Welcome page, click Next.
  4. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then click Next.
  5. Accept the default location or click Change to choose a different location, then click Next.

    If you accept the default location the authentication and privilege elevation cmdlets are available in a separate authentication and privilege elevation for Windows PowerShell console.

    If you want the authentication and privilege elevation cmdlets to be available in the default Windows PowerShell console with other PowerShell modules, select the following location:

  6. Click Install.
  7. Click Finish to complete the installation.