Getting started with cmdlets for PowerShell

The Access Module for PowerShell consists of “cmdlets” that you can use to manage Centrify-specific information in Active Directory. A “cmdlet” is a lightweight command‑line program that runs in the Windows PowerShell environment. In most cases, cmdlets perform a basic operation and return a Microsoft .NET Framework object to the next command in the pipeline.

The cmdlets in the Centrify module enable you to access, create, modify, and remove information about Centrify zones, including details about the user, group, and computer profiles defined in each zone; all aspects of the rights, roles, and role assignments applicable in each zone; and the available NIS maps and NIS map entries for each zone. You can combine cmdlets and use them in scripts to automate administrative tasks, such as the provisioning of user and group profiles, or the creation of rights, roles, and role assignments.

In most cases, you can use cmdlets to manipulate Centrify objects in any type of zone. However, because the implementation of authorization differs greatly in hierarchical zones from authorization in classic zones, the Access Module for Window PowerShell cmdlets that enable you to create and work with rights, roles, or role assignments are only applicable in hierarchical zones. You should not use the cmdlets for rights, roles, and role assignments in classic zones.