Adds a computer zone to a computer object.


IHierarchicalZoneComputer AddComputerZone(string dnsname, IZone zone)


Specify the following parameters when using this method.

Parameter Description


The DNS host name of the Active Directory computer object to which you wish to add a computer zone.


The hierarchical zone to which the computer object belongs.

Return value

The hierarchical computer object that contains the computer zone.


Computer-level overrides for user, group, or computer role assignments are contained in a computer zone, a Centrify zone in Active Directory that contains properties that are specific to only one computer. Computer zones are not exposed in Access Manager.

This method adds a computer zone to a computer object in a hierarchical zone. If the Active Directory computer object exists, the method adds the computer zone to that computer. If the computer object does not exist, the method creates an orphan computer zone. When you create an Active Directory computer with the same DNS host name and call the AddComputer method to add it to the zone, this computer zone is linked to that computer object.


AddComputerZone may throw one of the following exceptions:

  • ArgumentNullException if the DNS name parameter value is null.
  • ArgumentException if the DNS name is not valid or the zone is not recognized.