Indicates whether the Active Directory forest is configured with valid Centrify licenses.


bool IsForestConfigured()

Return value

Returns true if the Active Directory forest is properly configured with at least one readable license, or false if no valid licenses are found.


IsForestConfigured may throw one of the following exceptions:

  • COMException if there is an LDAP error. LDAP errors can occur if the connection to the LDAP server fails, the connection times out, invalid credentials are presented, or there are other problems communicating with Active Directory.
  • ApplicationException if there is a global catalog server error. This exception may be thrown if the global catalog is not found or if LDAP errors occur during the discovery of the global catalog.


The following code sample illustrates using this method in a script:

'Check the Active Directory forest for licenses
If not cims.IsForestConfigured then
    wScript.Echo “Forest is not configured”
End if