Indicates whether the Centrify profile associated with a computer object is an orphan.


bool IsOrphan {get;}

Property value

Returns true if the computer profile is an orphan, or false if the object is not an orphan.


A Centrify computer profile can become an orphan if the computer object it is associated with is deleted manually using Active Directory Users and Computers or ADSI. Orphan data can consume disk space and reduce performance for directory services and should be removed.


The following code sample illustrates using IsOrphan for a computer object in a script:

set objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("LDAP://CN=research, CN=zones,CN=centrify,CN=program data,DC=sierra,DC=com")
'Check for orphan profiles
for each computer in objZone.GetComputers
   If computer.IsOrphan then
      wScript.Echo computer.Name
   end if