Gets or sets the zone object associated with the computer object.


IZone Zone {get; set;}

Property value

The zone object for the zone of the computer account.


Each computer object can only be associated with one zone: the zone used to join the computer to its Active Directory domain. This property gets or sets the zone object for the zone to which the computer is currently joined.


Zone may throw one of the following exceptions:

  • ApplicationException if the zone you specify is null, an unsupported type, or already in use; or if you were trying to move the computer object to a new domain and the operation failed.
  • InvalidOperationException if the computer is not zoned.


The following code sample illustrates using Zone for a computer object in a script:

set objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("LDAP://CN=research,CN=zones, CN=centrify,CN=program data,DC=sierra,DC=com")
'Identify the computer account
Set objComp = cims.GetComputerByPath("LDAP://CN=aixserver, CN=computers,DC=sierra,DC=com”)
‘Display the zone name
wScript.Echo objComp.Zone.Name