Getting started

The OpenLDAP commands provided with the Centrify Agent package support all of the standard command line options, plus some additional options to make it easier to use them to work with Active Directory. For example, the LDAP commands packaged with the Centrify Agent accept a URL of the form:


to specify the nearest domain controller in the specified domain, or a URL of:


In addition to the LDAP commands, Centrify includes several other command line programs and environment variables you may find useful in creating scripts to perform administrative tasks. For example, your scripts can take advantage of the environment variables that are set for an Active Directory user upon authentication. You can also use commands such as adinfo and adfinddomain to return information or supply input for administrative scripts.

On Linux and UNIX computers with a Centrify Agent, version 5.0 or later, you can use the ADEdit command line utility and library of commands to perform administrative tasks instead of using LDAP commands or single-purpose commands. For information about using ADEdit, see the ADEdit Command Reference and Scripting Guide.