Available tools for Windows developers

If you plan to develop programs that run on Windows computers, the Centrify SDK includes the following:

  • A library of commands for access control and privilege management that run in Windows PowerShell.
  • Sample scripts that use the Centrify PowerShell cmdlets to illustrate common administrative tasks.
  • Dynamic link libraries that expose interfaces for working with Centrify objects and attributes stored in Active Directory.
  • Sample scripts that illustrate adding and removing users, groups, and zones in VBScript, PowerShell, and .NET (C#) languages.
  • An overview of the programming interface architecture, its relationship to the Access Manager console, and the object properties and methods available.
  • Reference information for all object properties and methods.

For more information about using Windows PowerShell cmdlets, see the Access Control and Privilege Management Scripting Guide.

For more information about developing COM- or .NET-based applications, see Overview of the Centrify Windows API object model and Centrify object reference

For a more detailed understanding of how Centrify-specific data is stored by zone type, see Data storage for Centrify zones