Commits the settings or changes for the map entry object to Active Directory.


void Commit();


Commit throws an ApplicationException if it can’t find the DirectoryEntry value or if the key or value is invalid.


The following code sample illustrates using Commit to make changes to an existing NIS map entry to Active Directory:

'Identify the zone you want to work with
set zone = cims.GetZone("")
'Create the Store object
Set store = CreateObject("Centrify.DirectControl.Nis.Store")
'Attach to the target zone
'Provide the path to the zone and username and password.
store.Attach zone.ADsPath, "jae.smith", "pas$w0rd"
'Open the generic map type named "Workstations IDs"
Set map ="Workstations IDs")
'Modify the value field for the “Workstation” map entry:
set entry = map.get("")
entry.Value   = "satellite1"
'Commit the changes to Active Directory
wScript.Echo "NIS map entry “ & entry.Key & “: " & entry.Value